Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Say It With Cupcakes

What present do you get  for the person who has everything, or the person you need to give something to but don't really know well enough to chose? If what you want is something personal, thoughtful and made specially with them in mind, then  it's time to think cupcakes.

Right now it's 'end of term' and several teachers in the past week have recieved a gift box of cupcakes all tied with ribbon and personalised for them ~ and it's a pretty safe bet that's a gift they'll always remember. 

And talking of gifts .... cupcakes can be themed for any occasion. If you think of each cupcake as an individual canvas, just waiting to decorated, the the possibilities are endless. Of course you can also add names, messages, models or photos to your cakes, the list of potential cupcake toppers is really only limited by your imagination.

Just take a look at the french themed cupcakes to the left. They were made as a bit of a joke present for a 40th birthday boy who lived in France. Each one is different, from cheese to wine to frogs to snails - and he loved them (as did all his friends and family who apparently scoffed the lot before you could say Oh, la la).

So the next time you have something special to say, or someone special to say it to why not be a little different and say it with cupcakes.

Monday, 19 July 2010

If the Shoe Fits ....

Shoes ... for many girls shoes are the ultimate fashion statement. 

Mark Twain said 'Clothes maketh the man' but when it comes to the fairer sex I reckon it's the shoes that maketh the girl ~ or rather the perfect cake topper for a girls cake.

Flat, heeled, strappy, peep-toed ~ the combinations are endless ~ then there's the option of having your cake topper personalised by adding a name and age to the shoe cake toppers, great for birthdays ~ and of course it doesn't have to be your real age ~ if you want to be 21 for the 10th year running that's entirely up to you.

Then again why stop at shoes when you can accessorise with handbags ~ matching sets if you like.

And if you're looking for something smaller in the shoe line, a shoe cupcake topper for instance then we've got that covered too with the cute little 2" pairs of shoes we've used on these cupcakes ~ and when you're dealing with shoes that size you really can have as many pairs as you want.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Bling up your Cupcakes

It used to be that the only decoration found on a cupcake was a sugar flower or a smartie ~ oh how times have changed.  Nowadays cupcakes, like their big brothers the full sized cake, are canvasses for artistic outlet.

As a term, 'Cake Jewellery' is still fairly new but its popularity is growing. The addition of wired and beaded cake toppers to birthday and wedding cakes has become pretty common in the last few years, and with most cake jewellery being bespoke it's a sure fire way of making sure your cakes and cupcakes are totally unique.

Designs range from using a few clustered beads to form a pretty centrepiece to a cupcake, to a fountain of shimmering beads to create a real 'wow' factor. The beauty with cake jewellery is that you're not constrained by cutters or shapers, your only limit is your imagination and the beads and wire you can lay your hands on. 0.2mm wire is best for multi-beaded cupcake creations like the one above as it's very flexible and can be easily moulded into shape. For creations using heavier beads Hamilworth Paper Covered Wire is great, it's sold in most cake decorating shops and comes in a variety of thicknesses.

But what about the Hygiene / Health and Safety aspect of wires and beads in food I hear you ask. Not a problem, the birth of the mini cake pick means you can insert wires to your hearts content, though removing them before eating the cake is (hopefully) an obvious given.

Thanks for reading, and if this has whetted your appetite in any way and you fancy having a go yourself why not attend one of our classes, held frequently in the Beds, Bucks and Herts regions.