Monday, 28 June 2010

The View from the Loo

You can tell alot about a place from its loos. The one in question here is can be found deep in the bedfordshire countryside at Pecks Farm Shop, where I, weighed down with cupcakes, fudge and cake toppers spent the day at a craft fayre on Saturday 26th June.

Pecks Farm Shop is a gem. Split into 2 distinct areas it's fresh fruit and veg are housed in a low rise, glass fronted building where everything from grapefruit sized onions to freshly laid eggs are laid out in easy to reach rows. Next door is the barn, which like a giant hamper is full to the brim with fabulous fresh meats, condiments, locally produced honey and tables groaning under the weight of handmade sweets and biscuits and I haven't event mentioned the beers, wines and liqueurs, with those I picked up (research purposes only) being from British makers.

But onto the loos ~ or loo singular as this was. Being a farm you'd expect a rustic feel to things, and I wasn't disappointed - in a good way - as the immaculate loo was housed in a brick outbuilding - nothing strange so far. The surprise came mid sit ~ when looking up I found a row of eyes staring back at me. Luckily they didn't belong to a local stalker but to the cutest bunch of baby birds I've ever seen up close and personal - certainly much more interesting to look at than your average wall covering.

Now I'm the first to admit I'm ornithologically challenged but I think (due to a hours googling) they were swifts ~ can't be sure as I didn't see the parents and there's only so much you can tell from the eyes, beak and backside of a baby bird (it seems nests don't come with indoor plumbing).

So back to the day. It was hot. Very hot. Which didn't do much for crowd numbers, most of those through the doors were after BBQ supplies and a quick exit ~ but that didn't stop it being a lovely day, after all who's going to argue with a day in the sun, fruit punch, a BBQ with the great company of other stall holders thrown in. 

As always the fudge had no popularity problems, one lady solved all her 'what to get the teacher as an end of term present' in one go and practically cleared me out of the White Chocolate and Pistachio, with the Salted Caramel coming in a close second. The football themed England cupcakes were the other winner ~ at least on Saturday afternoon ...

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