Monday, 19 July 2010

If the Shoe Fits ....

Shoes ... for many girls shoes are the ultimate fashion statement. 

Mark Twain said 'Clothes maketh the man' but when it comes to the fairer sex I reckon it's the shoes that maketh the girl ~ or rather the perfect cake topper for a girls cake.

Flat, heeled, strappy, peep-toed ~ the combinations are endless ~ then there's the option of having your cake topper personalised by adding a name and age to the shoe cake toppers, great for birthdays ~ and of course it doesn't have to be your real age ~ if you want to be 21 for the 10th year running that's entirely up to you.

Then again why stop at shoes when you can accessorise with handbags ~ matching sets if you like.

And if you're looking for something smaller in the shoe line, a shoe cupcake topper for instance then we've got that covered too with the cute little 2" pairs of shoes we've used on these cupcakes ~ and when you're dealing with shoes that size you really can have as many pairs as you want.

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