Sunday, 10 October 2010

Chocolate Roses and Other Chocolate Cake Decorations

I tried to temper chocolate once - it did not go well.

But I still liked the idea of working with chocolate so was delighted to come across modelling chocolate, (also known as chocolate clay, chocolate plastic and chocolate platique) which is sort of like chocolate play dough. It's made from a mix of chocolate and syrup and can be used on its own or mixed with sugar paste to create chocolate icing.

Being chocolate it can be hard to handle as it starts melting the minute you start handling it ~ though this is helped if you can work on a marble or granite worktop as they tend to stay cool in all conditions.

So far I've managed to master chocolate frogs and chocolate teddy bears so today thought I'd be brave and have a go at roses. The method is the same as for sugar paste roses but the chocolate roses are a little trickier as the petals start to melt and get sticky, but the results so far have been quite encouraging ~ at encouraging enough for me to continue.

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