Thursday, 26 August 2010

Radio Daze

It's been a very exciting week here at Fantasy Icing Towers. Not only because I managed to take a couple of days off and have my sister and sometimes adorable niece and nephew to stay but also because I had the priviledge to be a guest on BBC 3 Counties new food and drink show '3 Counties Kitchen' ~ and it was fabulous.

The show, which is hosted by the wonderful Nick Coffer aka @mydaddycook (in twitter-word) is a magazine type programme designed to showcase the best in food and drink in the Beds, Bucks and Herts area. It airs every Sunday night at 7pm and is well worth a listen to.

My part in the production was to bake a cake for the occasion that could be easily re-created at home ~ so I opted to do something that involved one of my favourite things (cheesecake) and one of my least favourite things (lemon curd). As an aside that's not as mad as it sounds, I like to take things I'm not so keen on and find a way to present them in a way I am keen on ~ the theory is it gives me a much better repertoire of recipes. In this case it culminated in a Lemon Curd Sponge with Lemon Cheesecake topping, which, if the speed it was eaten at is anything to go by, was rather good ~ I certainly didn't get to take any of it home with me. If you fancy a go at baking it yourself you can find the recipe here.

In fact the show was a bit of a star studded affair as it also featured Dhruv Baker, Masterchef Champion 2010, plus the wonderful Vickie Humber of Humbers Homemade who makes the most fabulous jams and chutneys ~ and brought a rather oversized marrow with her ~ as you do. There was also a cook off between 2 local chefs based on ingredients choosen by the listeners. Okay hands up, I don't know what they cooked as I was in the pub by then ~ but I bet it was great.

It is a now a slightly damp, grey and overcast British Summer afternoon, the washing machine is wizzing in the background, there is tidying up to be done, and dinner to think about ~ in other words real life needs to be dealt with.

However things are not quite the same -  I've done something new - something I never thought I'd do, and I loved it. So from now on, whenever life begins to feel a bit like a rainy afternoon, I'm going to stop and remind myself of my moment in the sun ~ when I was on the radio.

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