Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Say it with Daffodil Cupcakes this Mothers Day

I love daffodils, they're such cheerful (if short-lived) flowers and that splash of yellow is a clear sign that spring is on the way.

So with Mothers Day I thought is would be good to add something seasonal to my list of 'How To Cupcake Decorating Instructions'. You can't get much more seasonal in spring that daffodils so I set about seeing if there was a way I could come up with a way to make daffodil cupcake decorations, without the need for any special equipment, and that anyone could make.

It took a bit of working out but eventually I came up with 2 designs, both using the same method but differing in how they are attached to the cupcake - and crucially neither needing anything more specialised that a cocktail stick to make.

For full instructions follow the link for Daffodil Cupcakes, and whilst you try them out I'll go back to the drawing board and start working on an Easter design.

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