Saturday, 19 March 2011

Wedding Cake Prices ~ Why The Cake Carries That Price Tag

The price tag attached to a bespoke handmade wedding cake is often accompanied by a sharp intake of breath ~ and I can see in peoples eyes that they're thinking ' but it's just a cake' and 'even if it's 5 tiers tall why isn't it just 5 times the price of a birthday cake'?

Well folks, the reasons are many and varied ~ but they're mainly due to time.

These days you can buy very attractive wedding cakes from places such as supermarkets and department stores, and there's nothing wrong with that ~ but the reason you can buy reasonably priced wedding cakes from department stores is that you are choosing from a very small selection - with little or no room for customisation - which means they know exactly how long it takes to make them, and they can knock them out at a fair old rate.

However, if you want something designed for you, delivered to your venue and set up for you, all that takes time - which you should expect to pay for.

You can find out more about about why wedding cake prices are the price they are and some options on how to keep them down in this Wedding Cake Prices and Sizes Guide.

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