Monday, 7 March 2011

Cupcake Decorating Classes - Expect the Unexpected ....

My favourite part of running cupcake decorating classes is watching a persons initial disbelief that they'll ever be able to make a rose / frog / elephant (insert your own 'I could never do that' object at this point), not only turn into amazement that they can, but carry on into a streak of creativity they never knew they had.

My classes have a structure to them, and there are certain things we always make, lilies and frogs for example, but I always like to have a bit of flexibility to be able to incorporate special requests from my classes - which yesterday included elephants, pandas and dolphins - not too unusual so far, but them came the big one - could I show them how to make a Jasmine flower as it had particular significance for one of the girls.

Now animals are no problem, I pretty much know what they look like, and when you're making them in sugarpaste you just need to break them down into a selection of various coloured sausages and balls. But  flowers - let's just say roses, daisies and sunflowers are about the limit of my 'recognise on sight' repertoire.

Happily technology came to the rescue, as one of the girls logged onto the net via her phone and found a photo. Luckily the Jasmine flower turned out to be a fairly simple 5 petal flower with a yellow center. Easy enough for me to create in sugarpaste, and it left the young mum in the class who had named her daughter after the flower, delighted.

So happy people all round, plus I've got another flower to add to my Floral Themed Cupcake Class - and it's one I wouldn't have even recognised 24hrs ago.

Cupcakes and education - who'd have thought ....

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