Friday, 18 March 2011

Water, Water Everywhere ~ But How to Create it in Cake

Fairytale castle cakes have long been a favourite of all young girls who dream of being a princess.

Now castles come in all shapes and sizes, but no castle is complete without a moat for a handsome prince to ride across on a firey white steed - and that leaves cake decorators grappling with the problem of how to make water look like water.

You can of course just use blue fondant icing, or even blue royal icing or buttercream, but none of those quite give the glistening sheen of water. The answer is to use piping gel.

Piping gel is a jelly like substance which can be coloured and used in a variety of ways to create the illusion of water or any shiny surface such as glass i.e. if you wanted to create a stained glass theme cake. It's great for creating the illusion of liquid - I've used it both as 'tea' in a mug of tea cake, and also as 'cocktails' for to make 'cocktail cupcakes' for an 80's theme event.

It's not the sort of thing you generally find in the supermarket but is widely available in good cake supply shops or online, so if you haven't dabbled with it yet, it's well worth a try.

You can get some more ideas about what to do with it in this article Piping Gel - How to Use Piping Gel in Cake Decorating

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